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TV Repair by Professionals: Is it expensive?

The truth of the matter is, all things considered, it is likely to be much less expensive than DIY ("Do It Yourself"). Here's why...

The TV industry has changed much in the last 5 years, and professional servicers have had to take steps to accommodate these changes. (Much of the change in the service industry has been precipitated by the lack of profits by major manufacturers, some of which have ceased existence.) It is outside the scope of this article to fully explain the driving forces which have necessitated the changes, but some are related to:

- Parts availability
- Parts identification
- Poor quality parts
- Technical support
- Complicated in-home theater installations
- Constant, high-velocity innovations in TV design

When you hire a TV repair professional, it is their job to make the repair LOOK easy. They come to your home prepared to attempt to complete the repair as quickly as possible, in many cases in just one visit. A lot of advance research and planning is often done behind the scenes before you actually see the servicer.

If you choose to attempt to repair the set yourself, you must consider these questions:

1) If I buy a part online, how can I know if it is the most up-to-date version and if it is the correct part for my TV?
2) How do I know if I have received a defective part, or if there is another problem with the TV? Defective parts are quite common.
3) How much is my time worth? Do I want to spend my leisure time researching TV problems on the Internet, or would I rather spend this precious time enjoying the company of my family?
4) What can I do if I replace the part and the TV still does not work?
5) If the TV symptoms change after replacing a part, does that mean I have an additional problem, or is the "new" part causing the additional problem?
6) Will the vendor from which I ordered the part take the part back and return my money?
7) Who pays for return shipping of the defective new part?
8) Do I need to make any special adjustments after replacing a defective part? If so, how will I know what needs to be adjusted?
9) Do I need to purchase special tools or equipment to perform a competent repair to my TV set?
10)How can I tell if I am fixing a symptom or fixing the real cause of the failure?
11)Does the part I purchased have a guarantee and, if so, for how long is it guaranteed?

As noted earlier, it is the professional's job to make it look easy, and that is NOT an easy task. A professional servicer may have to do some or all of the following before coming to your home:

1) Analyze and review the defective symptoms that you have reported
2) Review schematics of your TV
3) Ask questions of other highly trained professionals about your symptoms to assist in diagnosing the issue
4) Call one of the manufacturer's "technician only" support lines
5) Access an online, "service center only" technical support website and research your symptoms
6) Special-order parts on speculation just to improve the chances of completing the repair in one trip to your home

And we haven't mentioned safety concerns, or the possibility that an improper repair may irreparably damage the set or void a manufacturer warranty.

When you take all these into consideration, it should be apparent that the time and expertise required to complete an accurate and professional TV repair is usually more than even the most knowledgeable "do-it-yourselfer" can manage on their own.

Going back to the original question, all things considered, "Is professional TV repair expensive?"

Most savvy consumers prefer to let someone else handle the details, save their time, and reduce their frustration. If you are in this group, the only logical answer is a resounding "NO!"

The National Electronics Service Dealers Association (NESDA) has been the premiere association for professional consumer electronics servicers for over 50 years. NESDA offers a TV repair service locator at where consumers may look for a professional TV repair company in their area and request a service call online. Permission to reprint this article is granted by NESDA, the National Electronics Service Dealers Association, as long as it is printed in its entirety with no changes and the links remain intact.

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Mack Blakely


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