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  • Here you will find details of all of the services we provide.
  • This is our parts page
  • Here we have lists of all of the brands and product types we repair
  • Adding a list of useful web sites and be a quick and easy way of generating a content rich page that will be useful to visitors, but that should also rank well in the search engines if the sites are appropriate and the descriptions you enter for the sites make use of your chosen keywords and phrases.
  • This is a list of all of the latest websites we have for the manufacturers. Most manufacturers websites will have a service locator, owners manuals available for downloads and customer service contact information.
  • So... what happens when a repair becomes too expensive or parts are not available to repair your unit? Well most people replace their units and look to upgrade. This is a list of dealers that we suggest checking with to replace or upgrade your product. We (of course) cannot recommend any specific dealer, but all of these dealers are well known.
  • Not in our service area? That's really too bad as you won't be able to experience our service and repair experts first hand. We have several service centers in other areas of the country that we can recommend through our affiliation with the National Electronic Service Dealers Association (NESDA) and others.
  • This links page contains several other websites of interest to the electronics repair industry, the appliance repair industry and generally anything else we think is cool!
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  • Industry and association news

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To continually strive for a positive repair experience by providing Total Excellence in all of our Repairs for every Customer, Dealer and Manufacturer!